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You could categorize “Past Lives,” the latest album by Katie Grace Helow featuring Zach Lever, somewhere amidst the sounds of indie folk, rock, and alternative country. But Helow’s songwriting is a far cry from the predictable chord combinations, strumming patterns, and lyrical content that often occupies such genres. Sometimes upbeat and driving, sometimes slow and sultry, these tunes are always moody and at least a little dark. With a voice that ranges from seductively sweet to powerfully intense, your heartstrings can’t help but be plucked as you immerse yourself in the emotional journey of this album. Lever’s haunting and aggressive electric guitar playing offsets Helow’s minor-scale acoustic melodies perfectly. Their occasional vocal harmonies, as well as the addition of bass, drums, and percussion to several tunes, helps this record take the cake.

This album contains ten tracks divided between 2 clear vinyl LPs, as well as an mp3 download card.

Total run time: 53 minutes


Past Lives / LP ©2015

Side A: Savior or Sin / Left for Dead / Classic Combination

Side B: The Scales (part I) / The Scales (part II)

Side C: Ugly In The Light / Scorpion / Arm’s Length

Side D: Live Wire / Other Side


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